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Real-Time Roof Intelligence.

High-Resolution Imagery

Over 1,000,000 properties surveyed with high-resolution aerial imagery for detailed roof analysis.

Frequent Updates

Stay updated with up to 3 aerial flyovers per year, ensuring the latest roof condition data.

Accurate Assessments

Achieve 98% accuracy in detecting roof issues, facilitating reliable maintenance decisions.

Impact Response

High-resolution aerial imagery to quickly assess disaster impact to help monitor recovery efforts.

Discover the Power of Rooftracker

Our platform revolutionizes the way roofing professionals identify and address roof repairs.

Register and Setup

Quickly register and complete the setup process to collect necessary data and pre-populate your desired locations.

Interactive Dashboard

Access our powerful dashboard to prospect areas within your onboarded locations and add layers of additional data sets for a comprehensive view.

Identify and Analyze

Select specific areas by drawing polygons on the map. View detailed dialogs listing roofs and damage types, enhanced by aerial imagery and drone flyovers.

Enhance and Execute

Use our add-on services like contact information, aerial photography, socioeconomic filters, weather and permit data to refine your targeting and make informed decisions.

Unlock New Opportunities with RoofTracker

Harness the power of Rooftracker to streamline your operations and generate high-quality leads. Partner with us and join industry leaders in transforming your roofing business with actionable insights and precision.

Roofs in need of repair identification made easy.

At Rooftracker, we're transforming the roofing industry with innovative technology and comprehensive data solutions. Our mission is to empower roofing companies by providing the tools and insights necessary to deliver exceptional services and make informed decisions. By leveraging advanced data analytics and cutting-edge technology, we help you stay ahead of the competition, optimize your operations, and unlock new growth opportunities.


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